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Also helping BW numbers was the fact that the DS already has two major releases of Pokemon games (DPPl and HGSS), that I am sure any Pokemon fanatic already had the system at that point.Another reason could be the Lumiose City bug that surfaced really early on.Now without this edge, they need to restructure and think of how to play their cards with this generation.

The NES won because it was a console made for dire economical times.Nintendo Reveals Game Deals for Black Friday. Pokemon X and Y,.This could really use a more sensitive headline, in my opinion.My point is having a decline for a game like this after the first week is perfectly normal.

I was thinking the same thing, surprised they are still alive.Sega Is Finally Thinking About A Worldwide Audience To Expand The Shining Series.The lower number of pokes was annoying but not a major issue.

Pokemon X or Pokemon Y Game (Nintendo 3DS) $29.99 Each

The Pokémon anime is getting a facelift, for better or worse

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Most people who gives a damn about the game bought it at launch.

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It also lacks the emulator that made the PSP popular. (and monster hunter and other software).

Pokemon Y (Nintendo 3DS) $24.74 at walmart.com

This coming from a person who felt the some of the previous Pokemon games felt very lacking.Pokemon Amie is cute and fun to play around with and comes with some benefits, Super training is a god send and I freaking love it, and Mega Evolutions are pretty fun.In regards to that, there are quite a number of Gen 6 Pokemon I do love, like Noivern, Sylveon, Aegislash and Talonflame.The Apple Black Friday UK deals start in 2 days on November 29 and has promoted this fact.

Just tedious, I went out with over leveled pokemon against the elite four, and it was easy win.Nintendo is packaging retailer-exclusive 2DS bundles with pre-loaded copies of Pokemon X and Y.I am not surprised, given the amount of 3DS sales there have been vs DS sales.I mainly just wanted to point out that there are multiple ways to deem a game successful or unsuccessful besides pure sales numbers.The last Gen that had such dire situation was the NES one I think.I do not think it is so much the game, but the lack of folks who have the 3DS console.

XY was amazing but felt way to easy and the story seemed to be a step back from how it was in BW 1 and 2.Nintendo announces a wide variety of video game deals for Wii U and 3DS,.An Arcade company like Nintendo is not affected by it, that is why the 3DS sells but not the Vita.

The Wii had mass appeal, the 3DS needs more software and a lower price point to do way better everywhere outside of japan when it comes to hardware.

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Yes I have besides hey you pikachu, ranger games, and conquest.But seriously pokemon XY could help for some more post game contents.

Target’s Black Friday 2017 ad is official: iPhone 8 sale, Nintendo Switch bundle, and more. The best Black Friday deals from Target, Walmart, Amazon and more!.It has little to do with where the companies origins but what the people expect and where they put their money.You can really tell who read the article and who just read the title in this comments section.It just felt like this was the first pokemon game like they had a bunch of ideas and no idea how to employ them.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon review: Living on island time

Diamond and Pearl are the only odd ones out from what I remember of it.

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They seem to be headed for a more traditional style which is working so far.

Pokemon X and Y are $29.99 - Kmart - Deals on Furniture

So it looks like everyone who wanted the game bought it in the first week.Right at the start of the generation when Nintendo struggled to even get retailers to stock their product after the video game market crash.

Are you Playing Pokemon Wrong? Here's how the Pros Play

Selected and verified by our team of deal editors. Great deals for Black Friday.The DS had sold around 30 million units by late 2010, whereas the 3DS is only at 13 million.

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